Ranking of the papers with high impact
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20140204 Decomposition Analysis of Rural-Urban Income Gap in China Zhu Ziyun 2014,(2):52-67 19176
20151001 Analysis of Contribution of Energy to Economic Growth in China’s Industrial Era Pu Zhizhong, Liu Xinwei and Mao Chengsi 2015,(10):3-19 16980
20130905 A New Estimate of China’s Capital Stock Lin Renwen and Yang Yi 2013,30(9):72-88 15837
20130401 The Decomposition of RMB real effective exchange rate and the Marshall-Lerner condition revisions Lu Qianjin and Li Zhiguo 2013,30(4):3-18 15584
20130110 Decomposition of Gini Coefficient Based on Regression Equation Dai Pingsheng 2013,30(1):150-161 15021
20130204 Heavy Tailed Distributions of Financial Assets and Popular Risk Measures Geng Zhixiang, Wang Chuanyu and Lin Jianzhong 2013,30(2):49-64 14966
20130102 Spatial Externalities, Comparative Advantage and Manufacturing Agglomeration Han Feng and Ke Shanzi 2013,30(1):22-38 14580
20130311 The Analysis and Improvement of Cross Entropy Approach: Based on Balance and Update of the SAM Huang Changfeng 2013,30(3):151-161 14271
20130101 Productivity Change and the Source of Economic Growth in China Li Ping, Wang Hongwei, Zheng Shilin and Zhong Xueyi 2013,30(1):3-21 14060
20130502 Demands Cause Economic Growth Hou Xinshuo and Zhou Jingxiang 2013,30(5):18-32 13969
20130303 On the Happiness-Income Threshold of Chinese People Li Qingbin and Li Bo 2013,30(3):36-52 9726
20130410 Testing for Price Bubbles in an ESTAR Framework Deng Wei and Tang Qiming 2013,30(4):124-137 9458
20130403 On the Welfare Costs of China’s Business cycle Fluctuations and Economic Growth Variation Li Xiaoming 2013,30(4):34-45 9162
20130201 Insurance Industry Development and Multiple Equilibrium of Economy Growth Shao Quanquan 2013,30(2):3-18 9161
20130301 Reanalysis of Firm’s Export and Staff Wages in China Shi Qing 2013,30(3):3-21 9141
20130302 Can Higher Wages Improve the Labor’s Share? Chang Jinxiong and Yang Kun 2013,30(3):22-35 9133
20150101 Double-Level Excavating Analysis of China's Inter-Provincial Gaps of Economic Development Zhu Ziyun 2015,(1):3-19 9044
20130210 Bayesian Lasso Quantile Regression for Panel Data Models Li Hanfang, Luo Youxi and Tian Maozai 2013,30(2):138-149 7645
20130710 FGLS Method Based on Finite Samples ——An Application in Solving Spurious Regression Problems Wu Minghua 2013,30(7):148-160 7637
20130106 A New Approach for Measuring the Risk of Portfolios with Multiple Assets Fan Guobin, Zeng Yong and Huang Wenguang 2013,30(1):88-102 7630