About Us
The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics (JQTE), established in 1984, being 32ed volume, is one of the top journals in the field of economic sciences in China. It is praised as China,s Econometrica in the academic circles.
Supported by the Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), JQTE keeps up with the cutting-edge research area in econometrics closely and internationally, at the same time, focusing on the combination of theoretical innovation and the real economic issues. As one of the most respected scholarly journals in the economic profession, the papers published in JQTE represent the mainstream of paradigm, methodology and contents in the filed of economic research worldwide. 
Adopting the uniform standards with SCI and SSCI, JQTE has the international leading system of proceeding, editing, reviewing and evaluating papers. The academic level and prestige of JQTE is not inferior to the journals already been indexed in EconLit (the very famous eocnomic bibliography of American Economic Association). We believe that our journal will provide a window and platform for the scholars around the world to understand, recognize and communicate the development and achievements of econometrics and technical economics both in the aspects of theoretical and empirical research in China through the cooperation and joint efforts with American Economic Association.